Thursday, 3 May 2007


Did I say I love Crichton? Well, I take my word back. I don't love him. Nor do I ever intend to love. Well, if you write a book like Next full of Moral preaching. Don't do this, if you do this, this will happen, you should not write fiction. Chricton has done a good job of taking news articles and working a story around it but there seems to be many loose ends or did I miss something. So who was the guy in the first few pages stealing embryos for? Crichton in this book talks about the perils of patenting genes and how genetic research have gone out of academics to Pharmacetical companies who want to cash in on their research. Chrichton also talks about how academic research is closely realted to pharmacetical companies and how they frequently publish new articles on insignificant misleading ideas to get mileage and how media plays a great role in this charade. While an interesting read on these areas the novel was somehow unsatisfactory. If it was just a story without such moral preaching and if the morality and thinking about these issues had left to the reader the book would be definetly a great read. But yes it wasn't bad.

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