Wednesday, 19 September 2007

N for Noose

Kinsey Millhone, the PI from Santa Teresa who is twice divorced and at present single who still lives in 80’s and types her reports in typewriter rather than use computer and does not know what a cell phone looks like, on her way back to Santa Teresa after looking after her not so well boyfriend, Dietz. On her way Dietz puts her on a case. Tom Newquist’s widow Selma Newquist wants to know what was eating into her husband’s mind during the last few months of his life. Tom Newquist who works with the Law enforcement died of heart attack in his truck on the sided of the road. While there is no foul play about his death, there is the question what was bothering Tom Newquist? Kinsey starts asking questions and most of them feel it is better to leave as it is. Tom’s book of notes on his investigation is missing. Kinsey is brutally attacked and she moves to Santa Teresa to unravel the case from there. What was worrying Tom? Should Selma have left things as it is and not bothered to investigate? All the people in that place seem to be working for law enforcement. Sue Grafton leads us one way all along making us guess it is one person throwing clues to us and finally throws a surprise. Moral of the story “Don’t start digging you may unearth skeletons”.

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