Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Cover Her Face by PD James

Cover Her Face is PDJ's first novel. Did not realise that until when I started writting the blog. I would say very good start for a first novel. This is the third PD's novel I have read. Sally Jupp, a young maid working with Maxie's, an artistocratic family in the economic downslide is strangled to death. It is a typical Whodunit. Everybody hates the victim, everbody has a motive and opportunity. So, who killed her? One thing I noticed is that the novel is full of despicable characters. Probably James did not want us to sympathize with anybody. The Selfish Doctor, dreaming Nurse, spiteful sister and sarcastic boyfriend. James does not even allow us to have sympathy for the victim. While Adam Dalegish, the detective, does say that a young woman is murdered and it was important for him to find the murderer than sympathize with the living. It did seem that the woman deserved to die.

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