Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Amethyst Box by Anna Katherine Green

More a novella than a novel is published in 1905. The Amethyst box containing a tiny flask with a drop of deadly poison sufficient to kill a person goes missing on the eve of Sinclair's wedding. The suspects are the bride Gilbertine Murray and her cousin, Dorothy Camerden, in whom the narrator is interested. Somebody dies. Who killed and why? With just two suspects the suspicion moves from one to another and back again. There are a few twists too. Short and sweet.
The Ebook I downloaded also had two other stories -The house in the Mist and the Ruby and the Cladron. The Narrator is lost in mist in the night. Seeing lights from a distant house goes there to find all the doors open. So what does he see in the house, what happens is the story. It creates quite an atmosphere and there is a sense of foreboding.
The ruby and the cladron tells the story of a lost Ruby. Who stole the ruby and why? Interesting story.

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