Friday, 2 September 2011

Dead Simple by Peter James

Michael Harrison is quite a prankster. To get even with him, his best friends device a secret plan on his stag night. After a pub crawl, they place drunk Michael in a coffin and bury him with a bottle of whisky, a magazine, a flash light and a walkie-talkie. They decide to come back for him in a couple of hours. They all die in an accident. Only Michael's best man, Mark Warren, who was away knows where Michael is. But he decides to keep quite. Ashley Harper, Michael's fiancée, is not sure what happened to Michael and is completely broken.
Will Michael live? Will he be in time for his wedding? Roy Grace investigates Michael's disappearance. The repartee between Grace and Glenn Branson especially, the movie references is funny. Roy Grace believes in the paranormal and uses it in his investigation.
At one point, I was wondering how such a simple story line is developed into a gripping tale. After many twists and turns, I realised that it is not simple, but Dead Simple. Loved the book, I am ready for more Peter James. This is my first read for Mystery and Suspense Challenge 2011.


Kailana said...

I liked the way you ended your post. I have never read anything by Peter James before, but you make him sound interesting!

srivalli said...

Thanks for stopping by. I liked this book so I have bought two more of his books.