Monday, 17 October 2011

The Black Eagle Mystery by Geraldine Bonner

The Black Eagle Mystery published in 1915 is narrated by Molly Morgenthau Babbitts, former 'telephone girl' and Jack Reddy. Hollings Horland "Threw himself out of his office window on the eighteenth story" of Black Eagle Building. His suicide is linked to the Copper Pool scam where he lost his fortune. Before his suicide he was heard quarrelling with Johnston Barker, who disappears. Miss Whitehall a real estate business woman gets involved in this affair. The office of Whitney & Whitney try to solve the case with the help of Molly, Babbitts, Jack Reddy and others. Did Harland commit suicide? Or was he murdered? Why is Barker missing? What is the role of Miss.Whitehall in this mystery?
There are some nice twists and turns. I like the way Molly refers to her reporter husband by different names sometimes, 'Himself', 'Soapy' or 'Babbitts'. There is a quite a lot of reference to Hesketh Mystery where Molly has met many of the characters in this story including her husband Babbitts. "The Girl at Central" tells the story of the Hesketh Mystery, would be worth checking out.Overall, an enjoyable fun mystery.


Bev Hankins said...

I love these older (and lesser known) mysteries that you are reading for the challenge. Are you finding these through e-readers or are they in hard copy?

Got you updated!

srivalli said...

Thanks Bev. Unfortunately no access to hard copies, just downloading books from Gutenberg and reading on IPod.