Saturday, 31 December 2011

Blue Heaven by C J Box

This is the second C J Box book I am reading. I read Three weeks to say goodbye last year and I liked it.

Twelve year old Annie, and ten year old William are angry with their mother and go for fishing without her permission. In the woods they see an execution. The killers identify the kids and are watching their home. They have nowhere to go. How long will they survive in the woods? Where will they go? Will anybody help them?

Jess Rawlins a lonely failing rancher, looks like a tough guy. Will the kids find refuge in his ranch? Will they trust him? If they do, can Rawlins fight against a group of organised ex-cops who have cunningly take on the system. A roller coaster ride with bad cops and some good guys. A great thriller. Only after finishing it I knew that it was an Edgar award winning book. Worthy winner. Loved it!

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