Friday, 23 December 2011

Molly Brown's Freshman Year by Nell Speed

I was planning to read Tom Brown's School days ended up reading Molly Brown's first year at Wellington college. I couldn't go beyond the first few pages of Tom Brown's school days. While Molly Brown's college days is a easy breezy read. I hope to get acquainted with Tom Brown someday, but not today. For today I am happy to know what Molly did in college a hundred years ago.

Molly Brown from Kentucky is our model heroine. She is kind hearted. She wants to make her family proud. She works very hard at studies. She is very popular with everybody. She hosts parties. She blacks boots, tutors her friends and makes sugar bursts to make money to keep her through college. Along with her friends she forms a group to be kind to girls in college who have no friend.

This book deals with her first year in college. An enjoyable easy read. I will probably read her other years in college too.

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