Tuesday, 20 March 2012

DeKok and Murder on Blood Mountain by Baantjer

DeKok and Murder on Blood Mountain by A C Baantjer is the 23rd book featuring Inspector Dekok of Amsterdam. Inspector DeKok and his assistant Vledder attend the funeral of a Dutch Citizen who was murdered in Belgium at the request of Belgium police. Inspector DeKok spots a dead man attending this funeral. From there begins the story of those risen from dead. Reports of sightings of other people believed to be dead and buried reach DeKok's ears. All of those risen from dead were murdered in Antwerp, Belgium. So Inspector DeKok goes to Antwerp to investigate this case. Will DeKok with a Kay-oh-Kay solve the case of the rising dead?

This is a fun mystery book. I love wisecracking detectives. DeKok and Vledder get into their stride from the beginning. Under the lighter vein of the investigation is something sinister which is brought to light in the end. This a short quick read that got me completely engrossed. I am going to read more of Inspector DeKok with Kay-oh-Kay.

Here are some great thoughts on Death!

In the Netherlands, no person is officially deceased unless confirmed by a qualified medical practitioner.

"One can be honored posthumously, so it should be possible to punish posthumously."

"Sometimes death is a real relief, a liberation," he said slowly and absentmindedly. "And that does not always pertain to just the person dying."

This book is translated in English by H. G.Smittenaar. I borrowed it from my local library.


Jo said...

This sounds interesting, but I like to read a series in order and 23 books sounds like a big commitment. Is it worth it? Have you read the rest of this series?

srivalli said...

According to Wikipedia, there are 60 books in this series but only 23 are translated into English. These 23 are not the first 23, but I think 23 that would appeal to international readers. This is the only book I read in this series and I enjoyed it.

Rose City Reader said...

Hosting this European Reading Challenge has introduced me to several foreign mystery series that sounds really amazing. I will definitely try this one -- even if I have to jump in in the middle.