Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shroud of Darkness by E C R Lorac

Did you notice Lorac is an anagram of Carol and it is actually written backwards? This is the first Lorac book I read. This book features Chief Inspector John Macdonald and Reeves.

A boy is found brutally attacked under a trolley in Paddington station on a foggy night. He had travelled to Paddington on a train from Plymouth. His fellow passengers include a psychiatrist secretary, a writing lady, a decent man and a man who looks like a race tout. The psychiatrist secretary, Sarah Dillon comes forward after seeing an ad in newspaper about the boy. Being an observant girl, she notices that the fog troubled the boy. Who is he? Who tried to kill him and why? Why was he troubled? With the information she provided Macdonald traces the boy's identity. The boy had lost his memory as a child in Plymouth Blitz. Some of his memory is coming back to him parts. Did he recognise somebody in the train? Was he attacked to keep the identity secret? There were too many angles from personal gain, racing to espionage. An interesting read. Definitely worth a read for mystery lovers.

I found this great book in Openlibrary, a great site where you can borrow Ebooks for two weeks on your IPod/PC and it is free. There are some nice books here that are not available in my local library or book shop.


Bev Hankins said...

I loved this one when I read it last year! Lorac is a fairly recent find of mine--so far I've enjoyed every one I've read.

srivalli said...

I have borrowed one more of hers 'I could murder her'. So far it is interesting.

AMODINI said...

Sounds interesting! Also good to know about OpenLibrary - I had no idea such a thing existed.