Friday, 16 March 2012

Water-Blue Eyes by Domingo Villar

Do you know anybody with Water-Blue Eyes? I don't. From what I understand from Domingo Villar's award winning crime novel, Water-Blue Eyes are not only rare but very attractive. Why would anyone cause such excruciating pain to somebody with those attractive water-blue eyes?

Luis Reigosa, jazz Saxophonist is found murdered in his bed with hands tied and mouth gagged. The method for murder is very cruel and novel. Inspector Leo Caldas and his subordinate Rafael Estevez investigate the murder. Inspector Caldas regularly participates on Patrol on Air in Radio and is quite a celebrity. Doors do open and it is easier to meet people when you are a celebrity, isn't it?

Estevez is gaint of a man and is on his punishment post in Vigo on the Galician coast in Spain, where the action takes place. Why wouldn't anybody answer Estevez's questions with a direct yes or no? Estevez is quick to anger and everybody helps him with his temper in Vigo. The Waiter episode is really funny.

I wasn't completely bowled over by the mystery but there is a nice twist in the end. As killing methods go this one is something I have never heard or read before. I am definitely reading more of Inspector Caldas's cases on the Galician coast.

I borrowed this book from my local library. This book is translated from Spanish into English by Martin Schifino.

P.S. Don't crime aficionado's read philosophy?


NancyO said...

I loved this book, actually. Villar is a good writer and his second book is actually more intriguing than this one. Thanks for your review!

srivalli said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Rose City Reader said...

It sounds like it might be too creepy for me -- novel murder methods can be very creepy.

But I love the idea of a Spanich mystery series!

Thanks for including your review in the European Reading Challenge!