Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bloggiesta-Finishing Line

I was able to do all the items in the To do list. I wasn't very ambitious in my to-do list and I am happy that I am able to do all of them.

Connect my Blog feed with my Twitter account -which I did following instructions by Katie using
Connect my blog feed with my blog page in Facebook using Networked Blogs.
Learn a few things from other Bloggers
Created Pinterest account and use pinterest to promote my blog!
Created a Pinterest Pin for all my posts.
Organise my posts- Added labels to some old posts
Participate in some of the mini-challenges - Done
Update my Reading Challenges post- Done
Do a quarterly post on this years progress- Done
Connected Goodreads with Facebook.

It was fun participating in Bloggiesta doing some work on my blog with many others.

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