Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Pick Your Thon Mini Challenge 3 Make a Read Poem

Words I Write Crazy is hosting a mini challenge. To make a poem out of the books in PYT reading pile or from the words of a review. This is fun. Here is my pile of books

North and South
The Yellow Snake
The Silent House in Pimlico
Zone Defence
The Glass Rainbow
Killing Orders
Shark Music
XPD (Expedient Demise)

In Middlemarch, Venetia
of the Silent House in Pimlico
Saw the Yellow Snake
Jumped North and South
Used the Glass Rainbow
For Zone Defence
Played Shark Music
Gave Killing Orders


Louisa said...

Oh, that's a great poem :) And unique title names :) Love it! Thanks for participating! Happy reading!

srivalli said...

Thanks for stopping by! It was fun.

Cindy said...

You wrote a great poem :D

Hwa Sun Kang said...

Wow... that is really random :D

Kristen said...

Very unique! Definitely loved it. Glad you had fun with it. :)