Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Challenges Update

I went crazy and signed up in 36 reading Challenges. It is time to see how I fared in this journey. So here is the list.

Reading Challenges
1.Reading Challenge Addict(15/36)
2.Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge(14/16)
London Theme(6/8)
Cherchez l'Homme(8/8)
3.2012 E-Book Challenge(13/10)- Complete
4. Mystery & Suspense Reading Challenge 2012(24/12)-Complete
5.A-Z Challenge 2012(24/26) (Titles)
6.2012 Read Your Own Books Reading Challenge(1/5)
7.Back To The Classics Challenge 2012(5/9)
8.Cruisin' thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2012(6/6)-Complete
9.Off The Shelf 2012(1/5)
10.What's in a Name challenge 5(5/6)
11.Death by Gaslight Reading Challenge(5/10)
12.2012 Read 52 books in 52 Weeks(52/52)-Complete
13.Mixing It Up Challenge 2012(8/4)-Complete
14.Merely Mystery Reading Challenge 2012(11/12)
15.British Book Challenge 2012(12/12)-Complete
16.Getting Lost in a Comfortable Book(4/5)
17.2012 Bucket List Book Reading Challenge(4/4)- Complete
18.2012 E-Book Reading Challenge(13/10)-Complete
19. Free Reads 2012(14/15)
20. Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge 2012(12/12)-Complete
21. Antonym Reading Challenge (6/6)-Complete
22. New Authors Reading Challenge (16/15)-Complete
23. 2012 A-Z Mystery Author Challenge(23/26)
24.Classics Challenge(5/7)
25. 2012 Color Coded Challenge(6/9)
26.Chunkster Challenge(3/4)
27.European Reading Challenge(11/5)-Complete
28.A to Z Reading Challenge( Authors)(23/26)
29.Eclectic Reader Challenge(11/12)
30.Criminal Plots II Challenge(6/6)-Complete
31. Birth Year Reading Challenge.(1/4)
32. Books Published in the First Years of My Life.(1/3)
33. Borrowed Book Challenge 2012.(10/10)-Complete
34. Support your Local Library 2012(26/24)-Complete
35. What an Animal (3/6)
36. Victorian Celebration 2012(2/4)

Considering that I have completed 15 challenges (Reviews are due), and many challenges are over-lapping, I suppose I am doing fine and I think I will be able to do it.

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