Wednesday, 18 July 2012

I is for I Could Murder her and Izner

This is my post for Crime Fiction Alphabet - the letter I.

I am posting I could Murder Her by E C R Lorac and Claude Izner's The Marais Assassin.

I could Murder Her by E C R Lorac

A domineering woman, ruining the lives of her children, a woman whom everybody in the family feels 'I could Murder her' is dead. Mrs. Farrington has died from an insulin overdose. Did the old doctor give a wrong dose? The Doctor dies in an accident and the new doctor refuses to sign the death certificate. Did one of her family give her an overdose? There are indications to show that Mrs. Farrington was murdered.

Who murdered her? There are plenty of motives and all her family wants her dead. Inspector MacDonald is a no-frills, non-eccentric, sympathetic detective who solves the case and ties up all the loose ends giving us an enjoyable read. Read my views here.

The Marais Assassin by Claude Izner

Claude Izner is the pseudonym of two sisters, Liliane Korb and Laurence Lefèvre both booksellers on the banks of the Seine in Paris. Victor Legris is a bookseller detective, in this fourth outing, he is working on a case too close to home. Victor's associate Kenji Mori's house is burgled and a not so expensive Goblet is lost. There seems to be nothing important about the Goblet, not ancient, not expensive just some emotional value. Who stole the goblet and why? The Goblet keeps changing hands. There are a spate of murders, some religious fanatic is killing of people for the Goblet. Read my views here. .


Anonymous said...

Sri - Oh, those are two interesting choices! I really do like "Claude Izner's" detective (what's not to like about a booksellf ;-) ). And Lorac is an author I've heard of but never read. Something I should remedy...

TracyK said...

Two very interesting books (and authors) to spotlight. One vintage, one current. I looked at both reviews and you have piqued my interest. Too many new authors to try. Thanks very much.