Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Saint Zita Society by Ruth Rendell

The Saint Zita Society is Ruth Rendell's latest standalone released in July 2012. Ruth Rendell first introduces her characters. There is Dex, who sees evil spirits and get messages on his mobile from Peach- his God, Montserrat, the Still family au pair, who makes a point of knowing everything, who may even blackmail, Thea, who helps everybody not because she wants to but because cannot say no, Preston Still who is away all the time, Lucy Still who meets her lovers clandestine at home, Rabia, who lost her children and loves little Thomas Still as her own, Henry, Lord Studley's driver having an affair with both Lady Studley and Miss. Studley and a whole lot others. Next she establishes some facts, the banister is loose, Mrs. Grieves has a good view of Number 7, Dex wants to destroy evil spirits, Montserrat has a new boyfriend, Thea would date anybody as long as he is not ugly or gross. Then she sets the ball rolling, you do know how the ball will roll, or do you? We know something is going to happen, what will it be?

I was little disappointed with her last book The Vault because of rehashing her earlier story from A Sight for sore Eyes. The Vault wasn't bad, actually, it was quite good, she adds new story to the old one and brings in her trademark twists but it is still her old story. But Saint Zita Society is trademark Rendell. I like the way her stories deal with real situations, real characters and real issues. Her crime does not takes place in an isolated place, but in real society.
Wexford books among various things deal with racism and problems in a multi-cultural society. Many of her standalone stories deal with the issue of mental-illness, lonliness, isolation and security. This is a standalone and deals with these issues and also the differences between the Upper-Class and Lower-Class.

An exciting mystery that I enjoyed every word of it. I hope Peach will send me a message- ten free calls. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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