Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Great Impersonation by E Philips Oppenheim

British citizen Everard Dominey chances upon German Leopold Von Ragastein in German East Africa. Dominey and Ragastein studied in the same school in England and have a great resemblance. After a night of drinking and confessing about their respective exiles, Ragastein murders Dominey and takes his place in English Society spying for Germany. As Dominey had been away for a long time and his wife is deranged and doesn't have many relatives or friends, Leopold believes that he can sucessfully pretend as Dominey and be of use to Germany that is preparing for war. Can he? Will he make people believe that he is Dominey? Immediately after reaching London he chances upon Princess Eiderstorm, his former lover, who is bent on causing trouble for him. Will Leopold be successful in his mission?

I was getting more excited at the story that is not being told than the one that is told. I can't say much. It is a great read. I did figure out what was happening that was the reason for the excitement. There is a ghost story for the side which is spooky.

The Great Impersonation by E Philips Oppenheim published in 1920 deals with doubles, impersonation, espionage, spooky ghosts, a deranged woman, and a woman mad in love. I borrowed it from Openlibrary.

What makes some mysteries, where you figure out everything great and others disappointing? I loved this one!


neer said...

I read Oppenheim's The Double Traitor some time back and found it to be boring. This one seems interesting though.

Aleksandra said...

Sounds really interesting, so I'll have to check it out :) And there's also a spooky side story with ghost? Awesome! Thanks for the review!

Jennifer Messerschmidt said...

Sounds interesting! Lots of murder, intrigue, and plotting. Glad you enjoyed it!