Friday, 28 September 2012

Friday Memes

This week I am posting from The Mist in the Mirror by Susan Hill
Friday Book Beginnings is a weekly meme where we share the opening line of our current read. Book Beginnings is hosted by the Rose City Reader.

Rain, rain all day, all evening, all night, pouring autumn rain.

Friday 56 hosted @ Freda's Voice is a weekly Meme where we share an interesting snippet from page 56 of our current book.

The guard's whistle blew as the door slammed shut and I found myself alone with a striking-looking woman who was surrounded by suitcases, bags and hat-boxes and sitting with a very upright posture in the opposite seat.


LadyD Piano said...

Love the cover art and beginning quote. Here in SoCal we're having temps in the 90s. Your #56 is so descriptive and exciting!

JC Jones said...

Great start. Thanks for visiting.

Sandy Nachlinger said...

Both excerpts made me want more. Good choices.
Here in the Seattle area, we're having an unusual dry spell, so hearing about rain sounds good about now. Yes, we really do have sunshine!

fredamans said...

That would certainly alert anyone's senses. I wonder what is going on, surely.

kimberly said...

Thoses are great, makes me want to read the book now.
Happy reading.

aloi s said...

lovely cover! i wonder if this is told from a male perspective and who who that striking woman is!