Friday, 21 December 2012

Fall into Reading 2012 Challenge Complete

I participated in the Fall into Reading 2012 challenge from September 22-December 21 hosted by Katrina at callapidder days
So here is my list! I changed Blood Work by Barbara Vine to A Dark-Adapted Eye by Vine as I had to return the book to the library. All the other books are from the initial list.
A Dark-Adapted Eye by Barbara Vine (27/10/2012)
Bloodline by James Rollins (30/9/2012)
The mist in the mirror by Susan Hill-(4/10/2012)
The man in the picture by Susan Hill- (1/10/2012)
The little stranger by Sarah Waters (17/10/2012)
The Caller by Karin Fossum (5/10/2012)
The lock artist by Steve Hamilton(17/11/2012)
The Franchise Affair by Josephine Tey (4/12/2012)
The long song by Andrea Levy (21/12/12)
Whited Sepulchres by Anne Perry(13/10/2012)
False Pretences by Margret Yorke (8/11/2012)
Service of all the Dead by Colin Dexter(22/10/2012)

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