Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Get ready for the rebellion! Will the Districts overthrow the Capitol? After 75 years of oppression and deadly hunger games, that had taken their children's lives, the Districts are no longer going to tolerate the atrocities of the Capitol. Capitol has failed to provide them both 'bread and entertainment'. Capitol in poor judgement instead of giving bread and entertainment to the rebels, so that they would forget all about freedom, had been providing these necessities to the already complacent Capitol citizens. So a rebellion is inevitable!

So what is the role of the teenage rebel and the symbol of the rebellion? Will it be just symbolic? Will our sweet little Katniss dress-up in Mokingjay costume and dazzle people or is she going to play an active role in the rebellion?

I know, more and more, our battles are fought on TV. One image has more effect than thousand words. Getting the television under control is a major strategic victory in any coup. But Katniss is surely made for greater things than dressing-up and giving soundbites for TV, or isn't she?

If Catching Fire is slow, Mockingjay is slower for me. Katniss has a larger role to play in the rebellion but only in the last hundred or so pages of the book. But I do wish she had a greater role. Don't tell me, she is a sixteen year old, what more can she do! If a sixteen year old can instigate sleeping rebels to take up arms against the oppressor, she can surely do more. I am okay with Peeta, his change and all. But Gale! What's wrong with Gale? I was expecting a more fitting finish for the exciting Hunger Games.


fredamans said...

I wanted more from the ending as well.... let's hope the movie has it.

I was also so very brokenhearted when Cinna died. OMG. </3

srivalli said...

I was expecting Cinna to come back alive. Hope the movie delivers, as you say it.