Sunday, 9 December 2012

Venetia by Georgette Heyer

Jane Austen is one of my favourite writers, and I heard that Georgette Heyer writes in Austen style so I picked Venetia for the Getting lost into a Comfortable Read Challenge. Venetia published in 1958 is set in Regency England.

Venetia Layton of Undershaw is twenty six years old but is considered quite green by one and all. Though Venetia is well read, she has no experience with people. She hasn't much travelled. Her father had left her with a comfortable allowance and she decides to stay on in her brother's home to manage it until he comes back from Army because of her love and duty towards her younger lame brother. She has two suitors but is not inclined towards any one. She does feel when her brother comes back, she would marry one of them, as it would be more comfortable to be a mother of Yardley's Children than an aunt to his brother's children.

Enter "Wicked Baron". Venetia falls for him. 'Will she make a saint of him, or will she become a sinner' or will she part ways with the Rake?

Venetia is very practical. Venetia has no delusions about herself or others. She is very level-headed, which does not mean that she is not fun loving. She anaylzes situations and more or less comes to the correct conclusions. When faced with the inevitable separation in romantic stories, she does not sit at home and mope. When she understands what is happening, she takes immediate action. No use waiting for the men to act, is it? I loved the level headed, romantic and witty Venetia. I loved the twists. Yep, twists in a romance. Considering that I don't like romances, I enjoyed Venetia, if all Heyer's romances are so clever and witty, I would love to read them all.

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