Saturday, 16 February 2013

Seconds Away by Harlan Coben

Seconds Away is the second book in the Young Adult series featuring Myron Bolitar's nephew, Mickey Bolitar. Appropriate title for a second book in a series, isn't it? Here is my review of the first book Shelter.

In this outing, Mickey's new friend Rachel Caldwell is shot and her mother murdered. Who murdered Rachel's mother and shot Rachel? Will Rachel live? Is this killing connected to the Ashley (Mickey's girlfriend who disappears in Shelter) case? If so, are Spoon, Ema and Mickey in danger too? There is some mystery about his new best friend Ema. What is it? Why is Ema so secretive about her home and parents? Will Mickey find the truth?

In the last outing Shelter, Mickey faces with lots of questions but he found answers only for some. Will he find answers for the other questions? Is Mickey's dad alive as the Bat Lady said? Why do the Shaved Head and Bat Lady insist that he not discuss about them and the Shelter to Myron?

I found the beginning bit repetitive. I get it. Mickey, has great hand eye co-ordination and has great combating skills because his uncle is a pro-basketball player and his mom is a tennis prodigy. I just came to it after finishing the first book last week, so maybe it is too repetitive for me. Again this book doesn't answer all the questions. Some are left dangling to be answered probably for the next. Oh! How many scrapes will Mickey get into? Mickey also solves another case. There are some surprises and yeah I didn't figure out who killed Rachel's mother.

Mickey quotes his father quoting Occam's Razor

Other things being equal, a simpler explanation is better than a more complex one.

Oh! I always love simple solutions makes more sense than complex ones. After reading almost back to back Mickey Bolitar books, I think I am ready for some great standalones from Coben and I do miss a bit of Myron, Win and company.

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