Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Shakespeare's Christmas by Charlaine Harris

Lily Bard is a professional cleaner and an amateur detective in a town called Shakespeare. It is Christmas time and Lily's sister is getting married to her long time fiancé in her hometown. Lily had faced violence and brutal rape in her past that had scarred her mentally and physically. Lily has put must of it behind and is now seeing Jack Leeds. Even after many years she is still apprehensive about facing those who had seen her scarred. But sister's wedding is not a thing that could be avoided. Lily heads home and the town's doctor and nurse are murdered. Who killed them and why? Jack Leeds follows her home and she learns that he is investigating the disappearance of a baby nearly eight years ago. There are three suitable candidates for the missing child, including her sister's fiancé's daughter. Will Lily and Jack find out who the missing child is before the wedding?

A great and unusual profession for a detective, isn't it? As a cleaner Lily has access to people's home, she wants to investigate. She cleans up the houses of the potential suspects to look for clues. Unethical, yes! Lily has some qualms about it too, but she has to do it, it involves her sister. But how do you go to a wedding celebration and offer to clean up their homes? Lily will find a way to do it. The mystery is quite simple, it is one of three potential children and you can more or less guess who. But it is an interesting and easy read that can be finished in a couple of hours. This is the third book in the series, I haven't read the first two, and it works as a standalone. Am I going to read all the books in the series? Maybe not! But I wouldn't mind picking the occasional book when I am looking for an easy untaxing read.

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