Wednesday, 15 May 2013

F is for The Fire Engine that disappeared by Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo

This is my post for Letter F for Crime Fiction Alphabet 2013

Life is full of small mysteries. More so when there is a little child at home. Things go missing and missing things suddenly appear. So what happened to your little boy's favourite little red car? One minute he is playing with it. The next it goes missing. Is it behind the tv stand? Maybe underneath the bed? Maybe in the trash can? You search and search. You find everything else except the little red car. The little one insists that he needs the car. You can't really engage the detective, can you? Do you think a detective can find it? 

In 'The Fire Engine that disappeared', Ronn, one of the officers in Martin Beck's team, gifts his son a Fire Engine which also disappears. The boy has been unwell and did not leave the home for a while but his foot long fire engine has disappeared. Fortunately for him, he gets the help of a detective to solve the case, one who is observant and works methodically. Do they find the fire engine? 

Well, well, this is not the only mystery in this book. There is a fire in Stockholm and the fire Engine takes forever to reach the spot. The Fire Engine seems to have disappeared. A policeman who notices the smoke calls for the fire Engine and he is told that the emergency services were already informed and the fire engine is on the way. The Fire engine materialises only after the policeman makes a call again after some time. What happened to the fire engine? If it was already on the way, why didn't it reach the spot sooner ? Will Martin Beck and his team solve the mysteries of Fire Engines that seemed to have vanished into thin air?

If you like your police procedurals with a sprinkling of humour, Martin Beck series are a treat. 

Here is my full review. 
                       The Fire Engine that hasn't disappeared, Yet! 


TracyK said...

This is a series I plan to start soon. I read some of them a very long time ago. This review makes me even more eager to get to them.

srivalli said...

Thanks Tracy for stopping by! I am enjoying this series and hope to read them all soon.

Angelica jolie said...

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