Monday, 8 July 2013

Never Saw it Coming by Linwood Barclay

Keisha Ceylon, makes a living by offering to help people when they most need it, by getting in touch with their dear departed or by touching a possession of a missing person to indicate a place they may be found at present. It is a gift, it is a service, but Dear Keisha does not open her mouth until she is paid. Keisha is not new to us, if we have read 'No Time for Goodbye' by Linwood Barclay, she offers to help the protagonist by using her gift to find her missing family, yes, for money. But Keisha is considered a Con-artist, but is she? Most times what Keisha does is listen to her clients. People need somebody to talk too and somebody to reassure them, Keisha does that, well, for money. She not only listens and reassures, but also connects with the dead, brings words of wisdom from beyond and gives hope to the hopeless.

Keisha scans news for potential clients and contacts the family of missing persons and offers to help them find them. Things go wrong for Keisha, when she is completely right. When her random guess hits spot-on, and the client feels that Keisha knows more than she need know. Keisha offered to see into the future of her clients, but never saw it coming, whatever was coming for her.

It is interesting how Linwood Barclay steers our feelings for the characters from one extreme to the other. I didn't expect myself to be rooting for whom I was rooting in the end. This is a short novel with twists and turns that could be read in a single sitting. I understand from the author's website that he had reworked his earlier novella into a novel. I did not read the earlier novella, The Clouded Vision, so I can't really say how much more he had added to the story. I may have been disappointed with this book, if I had read the earlier one, as I don't want to read the same book with a different name. But then I haven't read the earlier one, and in this book I never saw it coming. I enjoyed this little thriller with lots of surprises.


My review of Trust your Eyes by Linwood Barclay that I read earlier this year.


writebywriting said...

I love it when an author can make me do a complete 180 on my feelings for a character. That's definitely a sign of a good writer.

Marce said...

I read No Time for Goodbye, I should try this one. All reviews I read of his work are good, he seems a consistent good author so far.

srivalli said...

Hi Peter, I didn't expect to be sympathising with that character, but I was at the end of the book. Yes, he is a good author.

Hi Marce, I have read all of Barclay's books except Accident and Clouded vision and they are all good. Would love to know your thoughts when you get to read this book.

TracyK said...

Although your review entices me to read this book (or the earlier one you mentioned), I have been afraid that Barclay's books are too scary or tense for me. I may give one a try. He is a Canadian author and I am always doing a Canadian Book Challenge.

srivalli said...

Hello Tracy, i am not sure about scary, but the tension does build up and there are usually an interesting set of circumstances that makes one excited. Give it a try, I am sure you would love it.

Joel Wilfried Nague said...

With both the review and your comments, i definitely have to read this book. Thanks guys.
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