Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Border Field Blues by Corey Lynn Fayman

Private Investigators get to investigate bizarre cases some so bizarre that police would not bother investigating. Rolly Waters, Rock n Roll Dick of San Diego, is asked to investigate tyre marks that ran over Least Tern (if you wonder what it is, it is a bird) preserve near the Mexican Border, killing at least one bird. While investigating, Rolly finds a CD, meets a man with a paint gun ready to shoot illegal immigrants, a cowboy with a pair of panties who talks about a house where a woman who kills young men after her desires are fulfilled dwells. Now Rolly really has to go to the house and find out what all this is. But more Rolly finds out the more puzzling and strange it gets. And it isn't just finding out who ran over the Least Tern Preserve, or guys who shoot illegal immigrants, or about the woman who lives in Smuggler's Canyon or the boy who plays video games that has uncanny similarity to what is happening out there, but it is a murder investigation now. A teenager is found drowned. And it is not just one murder, but looks like a string of teenage girls were killed. So what is happening? Will Rolly find out without getting into trouble or being shot at?

The strange case of the tyre that killed the Least Tern got me interested and as the story progressed and new and quirky characters are introduced it got more puzzling and I really need to know what is happening here and that got me hooked. The story is full of conversations and is a quick entertaining read with a dose of black humour. But at the end of the story there are many threads dangling without a clear resolution and I do like my mystery stories with all knots untied, with explanation and all. Quirky entertaining read!

Disclaimer: I received an ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.

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