Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Vintage Mystery Challenge Complete

Vintage Categories:

1. Colorful Crime: White Face By Edgar Wallace

2. Murder by the Numbers: Four Just Men By Edgar Wallace

4. Yankee Doodle Dandy: I and my True Love

5. World Traveler: The Mountains have a secret

6. Dangerous Beasts: The case of the late Pig

7. Malicious Men: John Throndyke's cases

8. Staging the Crime: The Problem of the Green Capsule

10.Murder on the High Seas: Five Passengers from Lisbon
11. Dynamic Duos: The Caves of Steel

12. Size Matters: Double, Double

13. Psychic Phenomena: The Curse of the Bronze Lamp

14. Book to Movie: The Lodger

15. The Old Bailey: Below Suspicion

16. Get Out of Jail Free:Fire Side Mystery short story collection 

17. killed in Translation Fever 

18. The Butler Did It...Or Not: Why Shoot a Butler?


neer said...

Congrats Valli.

Of these, I have only read Tiger in the Smoke.

Excited about the other reviews.

srivalli said...

Thanks Neer!