Tuesday, 9 October 2007

At Risk by Patricia Cornwell

Why would anyone name a project “At Risk” if not to risk the project itself? Monique Lamont, DA, who is running for the Governor, calls back Win Garano, an investogator, who is undergoing a training at the National Forensic Academy. She wants him to use the new cutting edge DNA technology to solve a 20-year old case that would boost her image for the Governorial run. As events unfold we know that the project and the people invloved are at risk. I think that is the only justfication for naming a project like that. Narration is in third person present tense, which in many places is irksome. Probably the stroy was written in present tense to give a sense of immediacy. But I think it failed, at least for me. It is a small book and could definitely read in hours. But it took me three days to finish. As I take books to read in bed, within moments of reading it, I was in deep sleep (Usually I finish at least half the book). And next time I pick it, I had to read from the beginining and should say I read the first few pages a few times to grasp what is happening. I have read a few Patricia Cornwell books and I would say none were so bad. I quite like the Scarpetta stories and picked the book expecting her. Yes, I have lots of pateince and I rarely ever leave a book unfinished even if it is very boring.

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