Friday, 21 January 2011

Jake Ransom and the Skull Kings Shadow by James Rollins

I like Reading Rollins' books. So when I saw this book in an online bookshop, I thought it was one of his action adventure thrillers and ordered it without Reading the review. it is a childrens book and part of a series. Well, the series starts with this book and is an adventure. So I am not disappointed. Following the fame of Harry Potter series I think Rollins wanted to try his hands at childrens adventure series.
Now for the story, Jake Ransom lives with his sister Kady, their parents have gone an archaelogical excavation and never returned. It is three years since they disapeared. They recieved a parcel shortly after their parents disappeared which contained two halves of a Mayan coin, their parents notebook with detailed sketches about Mayan artifacts. Jake and kady recieved an invitation from the british museum for the opeining of the exhibition of the artifacts their parents found in their final trip.
Jake and kady visit the museum and there begins their adventure into an unkown place habited by dinosaurus and other unimaginable creatures. A strange land inhabited by strange people. The strange land is under threat from the skull king. Will jake and kady help save the land? Will they find a way back to home? This form the rest of the story. It leaves many more questions unanswered. Will have to read the rest of the series to find them. Enjoyed reading it.

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