Sunday, 30 January 2011

Love, life and all that jazz by Ahmed Faiyaz

Ordered the book from indiaplaza along with Another Chance and Urban Shots. The book is supposed to be an easy- breezy read according to the comments on the book cover. On the contrary, the story written in present tense takes time to get used to. I wonder, what is with the present tense. The story is not an adventure or an action thriller for it to be in present tense. It is the story of four friends from college and their lives after college and how the decisions they make affect their life. A simple straight forward story. There is no reason for urgency or immediacy, it may as well be written in past tense and definetely read better. But once you get used to the tense the story flows by, even quite engaging. While there are no twists and turns and we know actually what is going to happen, it still holds enough interest that we want to finish it. I have one more grouse, that is, with the naming of characters, especially the two main female leads, they are called Naina and Tania. Thank god, he didn't name the other one Sania or Saina. While the names Tania and Naina don't sound simillar to the ear, to the eye they are simillar and most of the story I was confused mistaking one for the other. Also, wish the story was better edited. Indiaplaza promised an author signed copy but there was no signature anywhere in the book. I am just going to let it pass. Overall, the book is not profound or touching or earth shattering, ( it is not meant to be any of these), it is engaging and worth a read.

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ahmed said...

Hi, came across your blog and I found your review to be interesting. You have very honestly outlined the essence and some shortcomings of Love, life and all that jazz....
Thanks for your praise for the book and I take blame for the short comings. You're right the editorial effort at the first publisher was non - existent. We've tried to fix the obvious errors in Grey Oak's edition of the book, which in any case needs an edit. We haven't managed doing this given the demand. LLATJ has been selling out quickly and we've done 6 runs (4 with the old publishers) and 2 by Grey Oak in rapid succession.
I agree with the present tense issue. It makes it harder to get used to. If I were to go back and rewrite it, I would do it in past tense (like the 1st draft). Sorry, on receiving a signed copy. Again, Indiaplaza ran out of copies, and as I'm not in the country they had to send out what was available. What are your views on Another Chance?