Friday, 13 January 2012

Amendment of Life by Catherine Aird

I am always on lookout for authors who write like Agatha Christie. When I googled I came upon Catherine Aird. I picked up Amendment of life from my local library. Amendment of Life features Detective Inspector Sloan and Detective Constable Crosby.

Daphne Pedlinge spends her time looking out from the Aumerle Court window at the Maze. She finds pleasure in seeing people getting lost in the maze. On a Monday morning she looks into the maze from her window and finds a body. Who is the dead woman? Is it suicide or murder? How did the woman reach the centre of the maze without anybody's knowledge. There are strange hapennings outside the Bishop's and Dean's House. There is a dead rabbit and some strange markings inclining to witchcraft. There is a lost goat. Will Sloan solve all these mysteries?

Once I am happy to meet a Detective who is not obsessed with crosswords(Inspector Morse) or writes poetry (Dalgelish) or enjoys reading The Way of All Flesh (Wexford). But doesn't know what unicursal means. An enjoyable cozy.

This counts towards various challenges.

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