Monday, 16 January 2012

The Vault by Ruth Rendell

I absolutely love Ruth Rendell. This is one book I was dying to read. I was lucky to find it my local library. Wexford is retired and enjoying(?) his leisure in London in a 'coachhouse' his famous actress daughter Sheila has given for his use. He spends time between his house in Kingsmarkham and London. He is taking long walks enjoying all that London has to offer and spending time with his grandchildren. But he is not fully happy, how can he be! He misses being a policeman and wants to investigate and when his old friend gives him a chance to work as an adviser, he leaps at it.

In a cellar, in a patio of Orcadia Cottage are found four dead bodies. Three buried at least 12 years before -a young man, an older man and an older woman -and another buried 2 years before- a young woman. Who are these people and how did they end up in 'the vault'?

At the domestic front, there is as usual some trouble with one of Wexford's daughters. This time it is Sylvia. And Sylvia is not a teen but a mother of a teen that doesn't mean her troubles are any smaller.

If you had read The Sight for the Sore Eyes, you already know who the first three in the Vault are. But Wexford doesn't. How does Wexford go about finding who these people are? The real mystery is about who the fourth body that of the young woman is, who was dumped there ten years after the initial crime. Who killed her and used the Vault as her grave?

I read The Sight for Sore Eyes some years ago and the only thing I remember about it is why the manhole in the patio was not closed. I don't remember who these people are. The mystery about the younger woman makes it reading worthwhile. Overall an interesting read.

This counts towards various challenges. For the Merely Mystery Reading Challenge I would rank this as a whodunit. For the European Reading Challenge the action takes place in London. This counts as the crime novel whose protagonist is the opposite gender of the author for the Criminal Plots II challenge.

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shelleyrae @ book'd out said...

I am glad you enjoyed it - the series certainly has plenty of titles to keep you busy for a while.

Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

srivalli said...

Thanks for stopping by! I have read most of Ruth Rendell just one or two left.

Rose City Reader said...

Thanks for posting your review for the European Reading Challenge!

This looks good. I haven't read her books before, but now I want to start. I think I'll start with The Sight for the Sore Eyes and then this one.