Sunday, 8 January 2012

European Reading Challenge 2012

I am signing up for the Five Star (Deluxe Entourage) level that is Read at least five books by different European authors or books set in different European countries for the European Reading Challenge
I picked these books for European Reading Challenge
The Vault by Ruth Rendell (London)
DeKok and Murder on Blood Mountain by Baantjer (Belgium/Netherlands)
The Leopard by Jo Nesbo (Oslo)
The Girl of his dreams by Donna Leon (Venice)
The Marais Assasin by Claude Izner (Paris)
The Book Thief by Zusak (Nazi Germany)
The Prague Cemetry by Umbreto Eco (Europe)
All these authors are new to me except Rendell and Eco and all are mysteries except for The Book Thief.


Rose City Reader said...

Thanks for joining the European Reading Challenge! I look forward to seeing what books you pick. And I am glad to be introduced to your blog.

srivalli said...

Thanks for stopping by!

from one experience into the next said...

I joined the European Reading Challenge as well and I'm browsing a little through the participant's list. I'm so interested in what everyone is reading for the challenge. So I will come back to learn more! Happy Reading!

srivalli said...
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srivalli said...

Thanks for stopping by! I have put up the list.

from one experience into the next said...

Cool choices :)
I'm going to read Eco soon as well. And I am looking forward to your review of Baantjer (I'm Dutch and Baantjer is sooo well known here, it has also been on television for years and years)