Monday, 20 February 2012

Friday Memes

This is last Friday's Memes. I love these Friday Memes. One it gives a chance to see what others are reading and interesting snippets from the opening and page 56. Another, to see what I had been reading at a particular time. So what do the opening sentence and snippet in Page 56 bring back to memory after a time lapse. Now for the Memes. This is from The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz.

Friday Book Beginnings is a weekly Meme hosted at A Few More Pages.
I have often reflected upon the strange series of circumstances that led me to my long association with one of the most remarkable figures of my age.

The Wimbledon Art Dealer
'Influenza is unpleasant,' Sherlock Holmes remarked, 'but you are right in thinking that, with your wife's help, the child will recover soon.'

Friday 56 hosted @ Freda's Voice is a weekly Meme where we share an interesting snippet from page 56 of any book.

Even a masterpiece of Impressionism is to you nothing more than a piece of evidence to be used in the pursuit of a crime.

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Sounds very mysterious.