Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ocracoke's Curse-The Mystery at Teach's Hole by Mark Duffey

Mike Callahan along with his brother Steve owns a boating supplies shop in North Carolina. After a fishing trip to Teach's Hole, Mike Callahan is changed. He develops taste for rum and sings pirate songs all the time in a strange British accent. He is no longer the caring dependable person he was before. Suzzane, his wife, is not able to understand this sudden change. Steve and his friend Sam are perturbed by his behaviour.  
There is increased pirate activity in the Ocracoke inlet. Fisherman have spotted a strange pirate on a ship named QAR. QAR is involved in many boat heists. Ocracoke is said to be haunted by Blackbeard, the infamous pirate who was beheaded there in 1718. 

What does Blackbeard want after nearly three centuries? What is wrong with Mike? What happened at Teach's Hole? Will he ever be normal again? Steve and Sam try to find out what's wrong with Mike. What do Steve and Sam find? 

Treasure Island is one of my favourite novels. I was expecting to read a pirate story. It is a pirate story with yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. While not entirely unpredictable there are a few twists. I liked the ending. 
The Author, Mark Duffey, sent me an ebook copy for review.

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