Sunday, 7 April 2013

Crime Fiction Alphabet 2013

Crime Fiction Alphabet 2013 hosted by Kerrie @ Mysteries in Paradise, begins Monday 8 April, that is, tomorrow. Last year I participated in this community meme and got some great crime fiction recommendations, got introduced to some great blogs and bloggers. So I am signing up again.

Here are the rules

By Friday of each week you have to write a blog post about crime fiction related to the letter of the week.

Your post MUST be related to either the first letter of a book's title, the first letter of an author's first name, or the first letter of the author's surname, or even maybe a crime fiction "topic".
So you see you have lots of choice.
You could write a review, or a bio of an author, so long as it fits the rules somehow.
(It is ok too to skip a week.).
In the past participants have shown considerable creativity with extra rules imposed on themselves: e.g. authors only, crime fiction from a particular country only etc.

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