Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Two Evils by P J Tracy

The story starts with the kidnapping of four small girls from a Reservation, then a war veteran goes rogue killing terrorists and then the story moves on to a terrorist plot to kill all the 'infidels' on a particular day. Will Monkeewrech team along with Magozzi and Gino save the day? So where does Monkeewrench come into it. They are a group of guys now writing educational games, sometimes helping FBI catch culprits. Grace of Monkeewrench team, after several close encounters with serial killers, is gone sailing with John Smith, FBI, and confronts assassins trying to kill him. Who wants John Smith dead? Then it looks like there is a 'jihad' against John Smith, so anybody associated with him could be an easy target and so our dear Monkeewrench team is in danger of being annihilated. Gino and Magozzi find a war veteran killed in a shooting in Little Mogadishu and they find that he is also probably responsible for another killing in the area. Then all these seemingly unconnected events come together bringing out a greater plot to cause violence and havoc.

The mother and daughter team of P J Tracy are among authors I look forward to read. I read 'Want to play?' a few years ago. I was a gamer, not the First Person Shooter kind, but strategy and Simulation kind and a serial killer story related to video games and a team of Video games creating geeks involved in solving the case, appealed to me. I loved the story, twist and turns and most of all I loved the characters Grace, Annie, Harley and Roadrunner. I read two other books by P J Tracy. I don't remember much, but I think I liked them.

In this story, one of the two evils is not evil at least not to the authors, even though Gino has an existential crisis, 'what do you do to guys who kill evil guys?' The surprise in the end, is no surprise and can be easily guessed. There are some small surprises but that's it. It is a short novel and I would definitely like to have seen more of the Monkeewrench team in this book. Oh poor Grace! She may hide in Mars but violence will follow her. Not the best book by the mother and daughter team of writers. If you want to try them, 'Want to Play?' is an interesting thriller and far better book than this one.


Clarissa Draper said...

I haven't read a book by this duo but I will check out the other book first.

srivalli said...

I liked 'Want to Play?'. Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!