Tuesday, 21 May 2013

G is for Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


On their fifth anniversary, the wife disappears and husband doesn't care. The first half of the story comprises of the first person narration by the husband from the day of the wife's disappearance and the wife's diary from the day they met each other to her disappearance. As the piece fall into place, we realise all is not as it appears. 

I read a story with a similar premise sometime back and I knew what to expect up to a point so the twists and turns in the first half were predictable but the second half is really the clincher for me. Gillian Flynn toys with the idea how much do we know our spouses. 

 Here is my full review. 


TracyK said...

I have not tried this book. You make it sound very interesting. The structure and how the story is told sounds intriguing.

srivalli said...

The first half reads like Harry meets Sally kind of story, small discrepancies maybe due to different perspectives, the second half gives an interesting take on marriage. Thanks for stopping by!

Micaella Lopez said...

The book held me until the end. I loved all the plot twists and never really knowing the real deal. However, the end is awful.

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