Thursday, 19 April 2007

The Lighthouse by P D James

What perfect place for a "whodunit" than a death in a resort island with limited suspects and not much chance for outsiders to commit the crime? PDJ has choosen a great location to limit the suspects. Again a victim whom noboby loves and suspects with motive and oppportunity. Nathan Oliver, a famous novelist who is considered the modern Henry James, is found hanging from the top of the lighthouse in Combe Island. Adam Dalgliesh is asked to investigate the death (note not the murder). While it is quite impossible to be suicide everybody wants it to be a suicide. As Miss. Holcombe, one of the oldest residents of the island points out "Whatever the evidence to the contrary, suicide is the only possile solution." But as evidence points to the contrary, homicide is a greater possibility. Who killed Nathan Oliver? Is it rhe novelist daughter, Miranda and her lover Tremlett, because the dad did not give them the blessing and clearly thrown them out. Or Miss. Holcombe and her faithful servant Rughtwood who detest Oliver because he wants them to occupy their cottage. Jago Tamlyn who generally dislikes Nathan Oliver and may have a secret motive. Or Dr. Yelland and Dr. Speidel who seemed to have come to Combe Island just for a rendevous with Oliver. Ofcourse their is the odd job man Dan Padgett, whom Oliver always finds fault with, Boyde, Maycroft, Dr amd Mrs Stavely, Mrs Plunkett, Mrs Burbridge and Mille. So who is the killer and what is the motive. It was not easy to guess and all along it was possible to eliminate many but spotting the killer was no easy job. And Dalgliesh gets the answer in a flash is also unbelievable.