Friday, 7 February 2014

Book Monopoly sign-up

I saw this at Bev's My Readers Block and I am signing up for the Book Monopoly Challenge at goodreads @ Crazy ChallengeConnection

1st Move: Rolled a 3 and moved to Baltic Avenue: read a book set in or near water -Death in Zanzibar (finished 8/02/14)
2nd Move: Rolled a 6
Moved to CONNECTICUT AVENUE: Read a book whose title (no sub-titles) includes at least one set of double letters, in consecutive order book: Assignment in Andorra(4/3/14)
3rd Move: Rolled a 3
Moved to ELECTRIC COMPANY: Read a book with a daytime scene on the cover : Paris, Rue des Martyrs (8/3/14)
4th Move: Rolled a 3
Moved to PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD: Read a book with at least two generations of the same family OR a book set in a place you’d like to visit OR a book in which a character’s career is essential to the story.