Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Marks of Cain by Tom Knox

David Martinez's grandfather dies leaving him a million dollars and a map making him promise to visit the churches in the map. David follows the map that takes him to Basque country in Spain and France. His journey and enquiries attract the Basque terrorist Miguel, who wants his blood. What is it that David finds? What is the secret that his parents died for? Who are Cagots? What did Nazis find during their hunan genetic experiments during world war two? While the adventure is interesting enough, one can't help feeling why all these murder? Is the secret really that huge that warrants such an adventure? I am not really sure.

Friday, 11 February 2011

A necessary end by Peter Robinson

PC Gill was killed in a demonstration. He was stabbed with a knife. There are nearly 100 demonstrators. Was the murder premeditated or was it spur if the moment. Inspector Banks investigates. An interesting read.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Another Chance by Ahmed Faiyaz

My first reaction on reading the book is "Thank god! It is not in present tense". I don't have anything against novels in present tense. I have read many, though I cannot name one offhand, that carry present tense very well, so much so that you don't notice the tense at all. Now, for the story. Aditya Sharma and Ruheen Oberoi's college romance ends in a jiffy, as Ruheen's ex who is obssessed with her will not let her go. The love birds part ways, Aditya still has feelings for Ruheen, Ruheen has moved on. In an impulse she gets married to London based Rohan and is thrown into a life of violence and abuse. Ruheen manages to escape this life and meets Aditya again. They live together. Their relationship faces lots of problem and finally they break up. Aditya wants Ruheen back, will he get another chance? Love, life etc was more interesting and engrossing than Anothet chance, probably because there were four protagnists, here it is mostly Aditya only. Will I give Ahmed Faiyaz another chance? No, mainly because it is not my genre. I am not the love story kind. I love crime fiction. I am drawn to this book because of the novelty of a love story set in contemporary India. But the novelty wears off. There should really be more substance to give it Another Chance.