Saturday, 7 January 2012

U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton

I had been dying to read this book ever since I knew it was published. Just got hold of it end of December 2011 and it is my first read for 2012.

Kinsey Millhone, twice-divorced 37 year old, childless Private Investigator is one of my favourite detectives, next only to Poirot and Marple. Michael Sutton approaches Kinsey on advice of police. He thinks twenty one years ago as a six year old he saw two people burying a bundle. He believes the bundle is four year old Marie Clarie who was kidnapped around that time. He is not clear about the whereabouts. He is not very helpful. He wants Kinsey to do all the work but he is willing to pay Kinsey's charges for a day. Will Kinsey find out the truth about Marie Claire? Is Sutton reliable? What will Kinsey unearth in her investigation? Oh yes! The investigation takes place in 1988, so Kinsey had no access to cell phones, computers, Internet and had to run to library for any information.

There are two narratives in the book. One the usual first person Kinsey Millhone narrative and other the third person narrative giving background into the crime, that moves to and fro between 60's and 80's. There is less humour in this Kinsey Millhone story than usual. It reminded me of Ruth Rendell's style especially one of her books. This book is not a whodunit but a whydunit. Grafton once again delivers. Now I am dying to read V is for Vengeance.

For the Merely Mystery Reading Challenge I would categorise this book as Inverted Detective Story. It can also belong to other categories.


shelleyrae @ book'd out said...

Kinsey Milhone is also one of my long time favourites and I hope to red V is Veangance soon

Thanks for sharing your review
Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

srivalli said...

Would love to know your views on V is for vengeance.

Literary Feline said...

This is one of my favorite series. I am only up to T, I think, though. I hope to read it and the rest of the series this year. Fingers crossed! I am glad you enjoyed this one! Great review!

nell said...

I enjoy the Kinsey Millhone series ad well! I read "V is for Vengeance" for a different reading challenge. Check it out on my blog:!

Tea said...

Love the ABC Murders by Grafton. I'm ready to start D. You are far ahead of me.