Friday, 8 June 2012

A Cold Day for Murder by Dana Stabenow

If Mersualt in the The Stranger by Albert Camus pulled the trigger because it was a hot day, we have missing people possibly murdered on a really really cold day in Alaska here. Mark Miller, a park ranger, is missing for more than six weeks in record low temperatures. Ken Dahl, the investigator, sent to find him is also missing. Kate Shugak, living alone in Alaskan Wilderness after resigning from Anchorage District Attorney's Investigative staff, is asked to investigate because of her knowledge of the region and because half the tribe is related to her. Miller with his plans for development of Alaskan Railroad has made enemies with everybody in Park. What happened to Miller and Dahl? Since half the tribe is related to Kate, are they responsible for this disappearance?

Stabenow gives us glimpses into an isolated community, using snowmobiles to get around, eating Moose meat and older generation not wanting the younger one to move on to green pastures, literally. As per the mystery you can guess it after a point of time. Nevertheless an interesting read.

A Cold for Murder by Dana Stabenow is the Winner of the 1993 Edgar for Best Paperback Original and is available for free download from Amazon and other ebooks stores. It is the first novel featuring Kate Shugak.

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Peggy Ann said...

I keep coming across Dana Stabenow books but have not read one yet. Will have to break down and get one. I do have the Albert Camus book just not red yet.