Friday, 27 July 2012

Journey into Fear by Eric Ambler

Graham is just an engineer, okay a brilliant one, even an expert travelling home after finishing his work in Turkey during World War II. "But he was not dangerous. ..It was impossible that anyone would wish to kill him." When somebody tries to shoot him in his hotel room, he believes that "There must be some horrible mistake."

But "War is war.....the enemy is not trying to kill you in particular because you are Mr.Graham: the next man to you will do as well: It is all impersonal. " On his journey back home from Istanbul, abroad the steamer Sestri Levante, Graham discovers fear of Death. One minute he is an Engineer working overseas on a project during World War II. The next minute he is running away from Nazi assassins. Will Graham reach home safe from Istanbul? Who is his friend? Who is his enemy? Who can he trust? Who will put a hole in his head? Is travelling by ship the safest way to reach Paris? Will he lock himself in his cabin or pretend that there is nothing to fear?

Journey into Fear published in 1940 is a fast-paced thriller. I couldn't help imagining myself in Graham's place wondering what would happen next. An exciting journey! I haven't seen the movie but would love to.

This is my post for Crime Fiction Alphabet J.

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