Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday Memes

This week I am posting from Asta's Book by Barbara Vine
Friday Book Beginnings is a weekly meme where we share the opening line of our current read. Book Beginnings is hosted by the Rose City Reader.

My grandmother was a novelist without knowing it.
June 26th 1905
Idag til Formiddag da jeg gik i Byen var der en Kone, sommspurgte mig om der gik Isbjorne paa Garderne i Kobenhavn.

When I went out this morning a woman asked me if there were polars bears in the streets of Copenhagen.

Friday 56 hosted @ Freda's Voice is a weekly Meme where we share an interesting snippet from page 56 of our current book.

It sounds strange to me, nine pounds, two ounces, it doesn't mean anything much, but it must be all right because it's a lot more than when she was weighed at the chemists's a month ago.


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test said...

polar bears in copenhagen streets? i thought that only happened in Churchill!

JC Jones said...

What an interesting book and an interesting blog. I don't mix on mine and have a separate blog for traveling and photos. I love the way you have mixed everything up. I am going back after I post this to see if I can follow you.

srivalli said...

J C Jones thanks for the follow! I am following you too!