Friday, 3 August 2012

Romeo and Juliet -Manga Shakespeare

I have never read Manga before. I picked up Romeo and Juliet Manga Shakespeare from library. This book uses the original Shakespeare text but not the entire text and compliments the text with beautiful depictions. This story takes place in modern day Tokyo and Romeo is a Rock star Idol and Juliet is a Shibuya girl. Juliet is very pretty with beautiful eyes and long hair. I like her as a brat when she throws a tantrum- after all she is a fourteen year old.

Using the original text is like a teaser for the real one, a great way to introduce Shakespeare to kids. If you are intimidated by Shakespeare this could be a good place to start it gives you the story and gives a taste of the original. Now I want to read the Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet again. I will surely be picking up more Manga.

Romeo and Juliet -Manga Shakespeare published in 2007 is illustrated by Sonia Leong and the Text adaptor is Richard Appignansei.

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