Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My Day in Books

I spotted this at Bev's My Reader's Block This fill-in-the-blanks meme originated at Cornflower Books . Bev spotted it this evening at Tell Me a Story who saw it this morning at Claire's blog and thought it would be an excellent way to avoid writing a review to spend her afternoon. I love doing these sorts of things and just had to jump in as well. Join us--complete the sentences with titles of books you read this year. And go see what the others have done as well.

I began the day by False Pretences

before breakfasting on Donuts

and admiring The Moonstone

On my way to work I saw The Lock Artist

and walked by The House of Silk

to avoid Tom Brown's Body

but I made sure to stop at The Black Tower

In the office, my boss said, What am I doing here?

and sent me to research The Problem of the Wire Cage

At lunch with The Man in the Picture

I noticed A Killing Kindness

in the Leopard

greatly enjoying the Hunger Games

Then on the journey home, I contemplated the Piccadilly Puzzle

because I have Number Sense

and am drawn to the Notes from the Underground

Settling down for the evening Service of All the Dead

I studied The Book of the Crime

by The Daughter of Time

before saying goodnight to An Ideal Husband

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Bev Hankins said...

Aww! What a nice title to end on. Glad you joined in--and thanks for stopping to take a peek at mine.